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Have you ever wondered why some of your house appliances, such as bathroom faucets, keep getting broken after each repair? Have you had fixture installation done before and you need to do it again? Some homeowners complain that they’re getting poor repair services on their appliances because they get broken as soon as they get fixed. In some cases, these homeowners may be right. However, in other instances, the issue may be deeper than that.

If you’ve never done fixture installation before you could fix that bathroom faucet a hundred times, and it still wouldn’t work. This is because old fixtures eventually stop working as they should, which can lead to root problems such as water leaks, reduced efficiency, and high energy consumption.

These problems are not usually easy to spot, and it may require a professional to help you with that. Fortunately, our certified handymen at Handyman Odessa know everything about plumbing fixtures, which means that they can help you with most of your repair and installation needs at an affordable price.

If you’ve got a leaky faucet and you’re looking for the best handyman in your area, then make sure you start your search with here. While you might think you know how to fix a leaky faucet, an amateur effort could have disastrous knock-on effects for your other plumbing fixtures. The Handyman of Odessa TX will send a qualified professional who will arrive at your home with all the skills and tools to tackle your problem. Don’t kick the can down the road—when you choose Handyman of Odessa TX  to take care of your leaky faucet, you’ll be getting a permanent solution to your problem.

Fixture Installation Done Right

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Think of your fixtures as car tires; when the tires are new, they work beautifully. However, as time passes, they start to wear down, and they may lose air faster, get bumps, and other kinds of damage until they eventually stop working.

You could repair your tires a lot of times, but the best option is always to replace them before the problems worsen. This is the same case with fixtures. You should get them replaced when they start showing signs of damage.

Aside from getting better performance from new fixture installation, you can also enjoy these benefits:

  • Reduced waste of water
  • Reduced utility bills
  • Reduced reparation costs
  • Increased energy savings

It may go without saying that having a proper plumbing system can also take the stress out of having to fix everything over and over again. If you haven’t considered replacing your fixtures, now it may be a good time to do it.

Not just an annoyance, leaky bathroom faucets and malfunctioning sink drains waste water, money, and can cause damage to your home. When you’re looking for plumbing parts, sink drain assemblies, and repair parts for your bathroom sink faucet, look no further than Handyman of Odessa TX.  Whether you are looking for a new pop-up drain, O-rings, escutcheons, aerators, replacement handles, tubing, knobs, stems, washers, or replacement faucets handles, we’ve got you covered.

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You can expect most faucets to last 15-20 years, depending on your local water quality and how much wear and tear the faucets get.

It’s probably time for a replacement if:

  1. The faucet leaks chronically and repairs don’t help for long. OR The cost of repairs will be more than one-third the cost of replacement.
  2. It’s leaking from the handle or the base, not just from the spout.
  3. The faucet is corroded or rusty.
  4. You’re replacing the sink or tub where the faucet is installed and plan to complete the update with new hardware… in up-to-the-minute matte black, perhaps?

There are a variety of configurations for faucets. Between the number of handles, spray nozzle types and even spacing of required holes, there are a lot of ways to customize. Before you buy a new faucet, consider your arrangement, specifically the current number and location of holes in your counter or sink. Sinks and counter tops can be modified accordingly, but you’ll need to do a little research prior to purchasing your new faucet. 

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